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Reading Unit Day 3

16 May

For day 3 we did more pre-reading activities.

First, I projected a page from a Clifford book.  It was a page from a book that none of them had selected.  In their class notebooks, they wrote what they thought the page read in English.

They shared their thoughts, then we talked about what strategies they used to decide what the page said.  As they were announced, a student listed them on the board, they did a great job!

Photo 1



Next, I gave each pair of students a QR Code that linked to the Linoit page for their book.  If you remember, they were in the computer lab last Thursday.  I had a Linoit canvas set up for each book and the students typed predictions in Spanish for each book.  Today when they received the QR Codes and read the predictions about the book they chose to read, they copied the predictions into their notebook and said whether they agree or disagree (in Spanish).

The final activity was to fill out this worksheet:  Verbos de Clifford.  They had to list the verbs they found in the book, decide what the infinitive is, the English translation, and what tense the verb is.   This worked well since they are just learning the preterite and most of the books are present and preterite tense.

Just before the end of the hour they completed exit slips .  I love this style of exit slip.  I have borrowed it from another blog, I think the Creative Language Blog but I cannot remember….  If it is yours, please let me know and I will change the credit!

A good day!

Gracias,   Penny


Using QR codes in school

15 Feb

For now I am using QR codes quite simply in my Spanish class.  I have high hopes on what to use them for. I use the Kaywa QR Code generator.  It is as simple as putting in some text or a URL and clicking “generate”.  There are lots of QR code generators out there.  A Google search will produce a ton of them.  One option is Snap.vu which allows you to track how many times your code has been scanned.  QR Stuff allows you to use several types of data and output options.  You can even make your code in color.

I post print outs of QR Codes in my classroom.  Right now the ones I have posted are links to Quizlet flashcards.  I love Quizlet!  We go through the current flashcards almost daily.  It has eliminated the need to use class time (or my own time) to create flashcards.  Besides the obvious flashcard use, it has practice and games for the students.  They can also download a set of flashcards to print the flashcards in various formats.  When they scan the QR code from my print out, they can bookmark it on their phone to find again later.  Make sure to tell students to download a QR Code scanner to their phone.

There is a great Google slide show that many people have contributed to called 45 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the classroom.  The activities range from scavenger hunts, sharing upcoming events, link to added practice or video tutorials, virtual tours and much more.  I even learned how to make a QR code with my personal information.  I did this one at Jumpscan:

My QR code

QR Treasure Hunt generator allows you to easily create a treasure hunt for school.

This video illustrates how QR Codes are used to enhance learning opportunities for students at McGuffey School District in Claysville, PA.

e-school News has a great article called “Using QR Codes for School Communications“.  Imagine putting QR codes into the newsletter or posting them in the office for parents to scan the school lunch menu, sports schedule, fliers for upcoming events, etc.

This is obviously one of my summer projects.  By then, I am sure to hear of more great ways to incorporate them.  It’s one of those things I am excited to use, but want to make sure I use it to benefit learning, not just because it’s so darn cool.  :)~


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