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An answer to how to share what you learned from your Culture assignment

21 Apr

Notice that I say “An answer”, I would love to hear how all of you have students share what they have learned.

My students must complete a Culture choice activity each week.  My problem was that they completed the activity and turned it in, it is not shared with the rest of the class.  This is a problem because they have 6 choices and pick 4 to complete throughout the month.  Students do not get to all of them.

Here is an example of one of our Culture Choice handouts.  They complete the assignment in English because I am only teaching Spanish 1 this year.  this is for our foods unit and covers some Michigan World Language Standards.

Here is the activity that I came up with.  It works great because we do it after a quiz.  We have 72 minute classes…

The name of the activity is Jot Thoughts.  It is from an excellent book called Learning in the Fast Lane.  I wish that I had taken pictures to add in.

  1. Group students in any way you wish.  I put 3-4 students together or more depending on class size.
  2. Give each group a stack of sticky notes.  Each group should have a different color of sticky notes.
  3. Students silently write what they have learned from their past month’s Culture assignments on sticky notes.  One fact per note.  They try to cover one person’s desk or two pieces of computer paper if you have tables.
  4. Students then share with their group what they have learned and eliminate any duplicates.
  5. On the board I have drawn a 6 part grid.  Each grid is labeled with a possible culture assignment.  One student from the group brings up the sticky notes and sorts them into the grid.
  6. A spokesperson from each group comes up and reads what their group has learned.  If you hear something that your group has also posted, you do not say that one when you share more than just a mention.

The kids really loved this because they got to write on sticky notes!  They do love sounding like experts as well.  I loved hearing that they had remembered what they learned.

Let me know what you do for students to share their Culture assignments.



Collaborative Slideshow

12 Jan

I am facilitating a session for World Language teachers on February 2.

I found this file in my Google Drive as I was looking for tidbits:

World Language Teacher’s Collaborative presentation

I was showing teachers that if they shared a Google presentation link with students, that each student could add their own content.  This usually happens one day in the computer lab, then the next day we watch the show.  I use it for such topics as house, family, pastimes, etc.  I try to give a bare template.
If you do not have a class website to post the link for the slideshow, use the Google URL shortener and write it on the board.

For this presentation I asked teachers to share some of their favorite things for any topic.

Cinco de Mayo presentations

7 May

Today was Cinco de Mayo presentations/fiesta day.  We have 72 minute classes so it works out perfectly.  We did not have school on Friday so that was not an option, and you never have a fiesta without a school day prior to remind them to bring their goodies.

I know that some teachers do not teach Cinco de Mayo because it is not celebrated largely in Mexico, but I love to point out the historical aspects including how it changed the course of our own Civil War in the United States.  There are also many family friendly Cinco de Mayo activities in our area, so I feel it is fitting.  I also explain that many Hispanic people feel that it helps them celebrate their heritage since they are so far away from “home”.

The students were able to make any kind of project they wanted.  I had a combination of Power Points, Prezis, posters and skits.  

We were in the computer lab last Thursday and yesterday.  I put out 15 index cards with topics that included the French Invasion, the Battle of Puebla, Fiesta music & food and several others.  In pairs, they picked one and got to work.  Their tasks were to do research and begin create their presentations.  I also had two other tasks for them.

I created two Google documents.  I made them public pages so they could edit them.

The first document had a table to share the links where they found their information.  Now I have a great collection….

The second document included a table where they had to share two facts they had learned.  From this document I made a worksheet.  The worksheet had the name of each of the presenters and their two facts.  I picked a word or two from each fact and changed it to a blank for the students to fill in while they watched the presentations.  This encouraged them to be actively engaged.

After the presentations we ate and they filled out an exit slip that asked what the most interesting fact was that they learned, something they did not understand, and 3 True or False questions.

It worked out pretty well.



6 May

Jing is a great program that I have been using for a very long time.

It was a life saver when I was teaching elementary and creating my own worksheets, flashcards, etc.

It is used to create screenshots and screen recordings.  You use the crosshairs to outline what you want to capture on the screen, which is an improvement over the Print Screen key on your keyboard that captures everything.

Once capturing what you wish to save on your screen, mark up your screenshot with a text box, arrow, highlight or picture caption.

You can choose to save the image/video or simply copy it for quick use.

Some of our Special Education teachers are using Jing to record them teaching new material.  The program records the Power Point and their voice for students who need to review later or students who are absent.  You are limited to a 5 minute recording for the free version of Jing.

Try it out!  Gracias, 


Grading technology assignments

31 Jan

Hi everyone,

I am presenting at SVSU on Monday for a group of World Language teachers.  
Part of the presentation is about using online resources.   I always have questions about grading technology assignments or projects.  It can be a lot more time consuming that grading paper tests and worksheets.  I have a short list of ideas for them below.  Please let me know if there is anything I should add.

**Grade technology as it is presented. Have your rubric and class list ready.

** Use dropbox.com so all projects go to the same place.

**When using sites like Photo Peach, Google Docs, Glogster, Issuu, etc; have a login that is the same for all students. Then all of the work is in the same spot.

** Always grade with your rubric beside you.

The website I have created for them is here. It is not nearly finished yet.  I always seem to find things to add.

I appreciate any suggestions!  Also, if you have a WL blog not included on my list, let me know.  I will be glad to share it!

¡Gracias!  Penny

Prezi zooms past 10 Million, releases PowerPoint Import | Prezi

28 Jun

Prezi zooms past 10 Million, releases PowerPoint Import | Prezi.


Upload your Power Points into Prezi

Visual and Audio Vocab with Pinterest | Classroom Techknowledgey

12 Apr

Visual and Audio Vocab with Pinterest | Classroom Techknowledgey.


Using Pinterest to make presenting vocabulary more efficient and engaging.

Using Prezi in the Classroom | The Creative Education Blog

18 Feb

Using Prezi in the Classroom | The Creative Education Blog.


SVSU mini conference

2 Feb

I am taking a break in preparing the technology session for the World Language Mini Conference on Monday.

Topics for the technology session are free online tools, the WL teacher wiki page, networking with other teachers, and finding authentic material online.

For several of my online tools I have a class account.  I have a Google account that is just for my classroom.  Students log in to many sites with that email address and the class password.  They joke each time we do a new website because they already know they password…  I like to have them use the class account in sites such as Photo Peach where I can see their finished products all on the same page. The trick is they need to name their project with their name because “Sra. Hildinger” is the default author.  Their Photo Peach project might be called “Breanna S” for example.  I do discourage them from using last names.

There are times, especially in collaboration sites like Collaborize Classroom, Diigo Education, Schoology and others where they do need to create their own account.

The online tools I will present include:

Quizlet: an online flashcard maker.  It is incredibly easy for me because my textbook is online.  I just copy and paste the vocabulary words from the book into the “Import” section and they are created in seconds.  We take a few minutes every day in class to review with flashcards.  I was annoyed at first because some students would yell out the answers before other students could have a chance to think about it.  My solution (for now) is they have to wait 3 beats.  As soon as we hear the words we do 3 beats (a mixture of claps, stomps, snaps, etc).  They cannot give the answer until then.
It is much more than simply a flashcard maker and presenter.  I put the link on our EdLine page so they can practice anywhere.  I even made QR Codes from the URL.  I print them out and post them in the room for the students to scan.

Only2clicks:  I like using Only 2 Clicks when I want the students to do directed research.  We have all had experiences when most of the lab time was spent doing research.  If I know the best sites to find the information, I make an Only 2 Clicks page for them to use.  Example.

Wallwisher:  one of those sticky note sites.  I like that students can add a picture.  One of the activities that works great is creating a class Wallwisher.  Each student builds a different wall and poses a question in the target language.  For example, “What do you like to do on the weekends?”.  Then they walk around and answer each other’s sticky notes.  Great for a change of state during a 70 minute block.

Photo Peach:  Photo Peach is a slideshow creator.  Since we use a class log in, I can see all of their projects on one page.  Students first have to upload their photos or clip art, then write a sentence or two about the page.  I tell them what vocabulary and grammar structures I expect to see.  The slideshow is nice because it has some movement in the final project.

Issuu: Easily turn a research project into a beautiful magazine.  When finished, the students can get an embed code to put on their wiki page.  Much better than grading 30 research papers with no pictures.  I do have the students do a bibliography at the end of such research projects.

Well, back to preparing for the technology session.  Cresting this post has helped me organize my thoughts a bit.  🙂


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