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99: The number card game

22 Feb

My students love this card game.  It gets them to produce numbers to 99 randomly.  It does take about 15 minutes to play.  I have seen many versions on the Internet.  Here is how we play:

This game is played with a standard deck of cards.  Students play in groups of four or five. Each group gets a deck of cards. Each player gets five euros/chips/markers, or score can be kept on paper. The goal is to have the most markers/points at the end.

Students take turns dealing. Each player is dealt four cards, and the remaining cards are placed face down in the middle.  The student to the left of the dealer begins, and play begins in a clockwise direction.  The player lays his/her card and announces the total sum in the stack. So the first player simply announces the number on his/her card. The second player adds the value of the card he/she lays and announces the total (in the TL of course). And so on. However, there are some twists:

  • Cards are valued as follows: Ace (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are face value
  • If an eight is laid, the play reverses direction, and the total doesn’t change (don’t add 8)
  • If a nine is laid, the next player is skipped.
  • If a ten is laid, the ten are SUBTRACTED from the total
  • The Jack and Queen are ten points.
  • A King automatically brings the total to 99.

It is helpful to print, project or write these values on the board.

After laying a card and announcing the total, the player picks up a card from the draw pile. Students should always have four cards in their hand.

THE MARKERS: The object in each round is to reach 100 without going over. The player who makes the pile go over 100 has to give the player who previously played a marker. If a player says a number in English, a marker is taken away from that student and is in the “pot” for the winner.

Once 100 is reached, the losing players each give the winner a marker and play pile begins again. Students do not reshuffle and deal.  Begin at zero.

The game is over when the draw pile is empty and all cards have been played out of the students’ hands or at the end of a time limit.  The player with the most markers at that point wins.

My students loved this card game.  If you have other card games that work well, please share them.

Thanks, Penny

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