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Correct order races

23 Jan

Students race to  to see who can put their flashcards in the correct order first.  They can race against each other or work as a pair to beat the other pairs in the classroom.  This works great for days of the week, months, numbers by 10, etc.  Make sure they mix the cards up before beginning.


Grab it Flashcard game

22 Jan

Another favorite flashcard game of mine.  I like the flashcard activities because they eat up minutes at the end of class.  Other activities coming soon.

Students lay out flashcards between pairs (or groups of 3) at desks.  The teacher calls out a vocabulary item.  The first student to grab the correct card gets to take it. In case of a tie (or an argument over who was first), the card is set aside—nobody gets it.  The student or team with the most cards at the end wins.

Add creativity to flashcards by having students create illustrated vocabulary flashcards. Have them write the word on one side of the card. On the other, they can create a picture that the word represents for them.  This avoids translation when practicing.  Advanced students can write the definition in the TL and/or other related words.

Flashcard Tag

21 Jan

This activity would require large flashcards.  I usually find some clip art, paste them nice and large in a Word document and print them out.  The image only, no words.

Use flashcards to play a game of tag.

Place two sets of flashcards on your desk, table or on the ledge of the chalkboard.
Divide the class into two teams, and instruct the teams to form single-file lines.
On your mark, the first player on each team races to the pile of flashcards, holds up the top card for you to see and says the word in the TL.
If the answer is given correctly, the player races back to their team and tags the next person, who continues the game.
In the event that a player doesn’t know or gives the wrong answer, he/she continues selecting cards until she answers correctly.
If the team helps the player, that player must name a new flashcard.
The first team to answer all of the flashcards in their pile wins.

Flashcard bingo

21 Jan

This is a great activity when there are 10 minutes left in class or the day before a quiz.  My students make flashcards for each unit, so they always have them ready to play a game.

Each students picks 5 of their flashcards to put in front of them on their desk.  You can choose to have them put them TL side up or English side up.  The teacher calls out words.  When they have the word they put it off to the side.  When the teacher has said all 5 of their words they say Bingo and read them back.  After a couple of rounds tell students to switch out their cards for new cards.

Keep Flashcard game

19 Jan

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to put my activities online to have a compilation for future use.

I generally have the students create flashcards in groups of 3.  They split the list into 3 parts and each write a third of the list.  This is because we usually do flashcard games for review at the end of the month, so there is a lot of vocabulary.  Always remind the students to make the writing big and bold if they are going to flash them to each other.  For most games that we play, they put Spanish on one side and English on the other.  I also tell them to have the most responsible person in their group hold on to all of the cards so they stay together.

Keep Flashcard Game

In this game one student flips the card while the other 2 or 3 in their group try to be the first to correctly say the word.  Whoever says the word correctly first keeps the card.  When all of the cards have been shown, the person with the most cards wins and becomes the new flipper.  The first day that we play they flash the Spanish and have to say the English.  The next day or two when we play again they must flash the English and say the Spanish (harder).

If you have any favorite flashcard games, please share them!



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