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Bump App

12 Apr

One of my students shared the Bump App with me today.

He had not completed some questions about a movie they watched when there was a substitute.  Those questions were ones that I had written on the board.  When I write things on the board such as questions, notes or anything that I may need later, I take a picture of it with the iPod.  Then I email it to myself so I can have it on my classroom computer to upload to Skyward (grading program).

I told him that I had the picture of the questions on my iPod.  He asked me if I had Bump.  After giving him a pretty strange look, he explained.

Bump is an App that allows you to share pictures, files and such very easily.  I don’y have to email or message them out if the person is there with me.

Both parties open the Bump App on their phone or iPod.  Select what you want to share and bump your phones together.  It’s amazing!  It is going to be so easy to share whiteboard pictures with absent students now!

It is also easier to get my photos on my computer.  Just go to open the App on your iPod or phone and bump your phone on the space bar!  I am so excited!  Notes from the board to my computer in a matter of seconds!  No email to check….  You can also send files from your computer to your phone or iPod.  I am seriously stunned!

Loving this App!



Chez Renée: Puppet Shows & the iPad

29 Apr

Chez Renée: Puppet Shows & the iPad.

This was truly a success!  Using Audio Memos instead of having students read their lines while performing accomplished the following:
  1. Improved pronunciation  Students were able to focus better on their pronunciation while recording themselves on their iPads than they would have if they’d been trying to read their lines from paper while also working their puppets.  Many of them listened to the recording and then re-recorded in order to fix mistakes they’d heard.
  2. Everyone was able to hear better because the conversation was projected throughout the classroom over the speakers.
  3. Shy students felt less intimidated about speaking French because they only had to worry about working their puppets in front of the class when all eyes were focused on them.

Apps in Education

9 Apr

I was sharing by email some links to Apps for Education.  I thought, why not post it as long as I have them all put together?  I am new to using Apps but have collected links and compilations as I have discovered them.

In General:
Recommended iPad Apps:  Sorted by grade and subject

An Introductory Guide to iPads for Teachers:  Nice blog post

3 Free Apps for pacing presentations

Virginia Dept of Ed Apps

Apps I am Looking into for World Language:

The Best Apps for Foreign Language Education:  Compilation from a #langchat session.

Toontastic:  Making cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting on a puppet show – simply press the record button, move your characters onscreen, and tell your stories through play! Once you’re done, Toontastic will play back your animation and voice as a cartoon.

Quipper:  Make quizzes

Dan Nickolai: How tablets accelerate the ease of learning a foreign language:  blog post that discusses choosing Apps.

If you are using some great Apps, please share!


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