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Deskless classroom activities

30 Apr

I have gone to the deskless classroom and I LOVE it!!  I just ended my 18th week of no desks and have noticed the following improvements:

  • We can get into partners or groups in 30 seconds.
    • I timed them and they loved the competition with my other classes.
    • With 37 desks in my classroom, getting into groups was frustrating….
  • We are doing much more listening and speaking.
  • My students cannot put their heads down.
  • They cannot hide their phones under the desk.

Student writing is a challenge but I have my personal size whiteboards out if they need something firm to write on.
I do have two tables in my room.  One of them is for students who need a desk (I have one accommodated student who uses an iPad).

I know many other teachers are going deskless.  I would love to know what routines and activities you have designed since.  I am trying to mix things up a bit and get some ideas together for summer planning.  Also, having just attended the Comprehensible Input conference I would like to have more of those types of activities.  Please share below!!


My Mitten CI notes: Comprehensible Input is alive!

23 Apr

I have just attended the Mitten CI conference in Saline, Michigan.

The conference was so well planned for the first year, even if it had been the 10th year they could not have planned better….

The presenters were amazing people that I have followed on Twitter and followed their blogs for years:  Carol Gaab, Darren Way, Kristy Placido, Teri Wiechart, Justin Slocum and more.

I learned so much from seeing CI firsthand and experiencing it from a student’s point of view.  It was really brought to life for me!  I plan to implement in small steps starting tomorrow.

I wanted to write this quick post to share my notes with all of you.  So here they are.  Feel free to make a copy for your own Google Drive.

Friday notes:  All day with Carol Gaab!  Firsthand learning and understanding.

Saturday Notes:  Keynote Speech, Teri Wiechart’s This is not your Gramma’s Grammar, Kristy Placido’s Content Based Instruction, Darren Way’s Transitioning to a CI Classroom, Niki Tottingham and Rebecca Collora’s Storytelling 101, and Justin Slocum’s Two Repeatable Activities

Now I am on the search for resources and stories.  Some great info and links were shared.  I will post them as I use them and have some insight.  Please comment if you have great resources!



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