Travel project help please

27 Jan

Hi everyone,

I am planning a travel project for my Spanish students.  I did an online search for rubrics, but didn’t quite se what I had in mind.

I would like to have the following components:

  • Students work in pairs and each pair is going to a different Spanish speaking country.
  • They must consider each place they will visit, including the airport, hotel, restaurants, and any attractions they visit.
  • They must create a dialogue they will have to have in Spanish with someone they will meet in each place.
  • They will have to create and resolve a problem with that person.
  • They must plan three excursions for their trip.
  • Products they will turn in would include an itinerary, postcards from the three excursions, the dialogues, and a menu typical to the place they visit.
  • They will also have to create a short video of one of their dialogues.

    I feel like there should be more products. What am I missing? I am not sure how long the project would take, but I plan on assisting with a different list of vocabulary each day. Things that they may not find in their texts. Or do I let them find it on their own? I was thinking to give it to them to use as pronunciation practice as well as making sure they know the correct words for the context. They will have to come up with the structures for the dialogues on their own.

  • I appreciate any input you have!
    Gracias, Penny



One Response to “Travel project help please”

  1. bilinguish January 27, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    Señora, absolutely give them vocabulary lists in advance. Tell them they don’t have to use the words but if they are going to talk about (x, y, z) they should use the words from the list first before they look anything up. The idea is to discourage them from going to their dictionary (or online translator) for everything and producing “tomar de” when they wanted to say “despegar.”
    Here’s a short dialogue for listening practice that takes place in an airport. Have fun!

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