Flipped Classroom daily routine

28 Jul

Here is how I imagine my 70 minutes of Spanish in my advanced classes using the flipped approach.  Eventually I will teach all classes using the Flipped concept.

Following the advice in the “Flip Your Class”book I will begiin class by answering questions.  Students are required to form a relevant question while watching the video or reading the section of the book.  I had thought maybe I would ask them as I was walking around, but then I figured that either there will be lots of the same questions or students would learn from the questions other students had as well.

After that, I plan to run through the current set of Quizlet flashcards.  Then students will start where they left off the day before in their progress towards finishing the chapter.

While students are working, I will be walking about the room.  I will have a clipboard with the list of student names with me.  Across the top of the chart will be a list of all of the activities they are required to do.  As I look over notes, questions, worksheets and other learning activities, I will either put a check next to their name for full credit, or write in the number of points earnedd.  I believe this chart will be very valuable because I can tell how far ahead some students are (they may be able to peer tutor for a class period) as well as how far behind some students are (the ones who need tutoring).  

When I mapped out a full chapter, it appeared that we will finish a chapter a lot more quickly this way.  I have scheduled the lab for Wednesdays for taking qquizzes online and doing some collaborating with our classroom friends in Maryland and California.   They may also need that time to do some research foor the proficiency project and their culture project.  

I feel I will have to have a lot of sponge activities available.  I am still thinking through that.  I also am getting rid of my teacher desk in the classroom and amm working on the class set up.  As I said in my last blog post, I need to figure out a way to direct students who are working on the same activities to thhe same area of the room.  It seems the configuration of studnt placement couldbe different everyday.

This is my proposed routine.   As always, I would love to hear your ideas.  In my next post I will share my ideas for the classroom set up.

Gracais, Penny



6 Responses to “Flipped Classroom daily routine”

  1. Rob Skinner July 28, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    Sounds good Penny, I’m starting flipping in my 7th grade Science class in September. I need to work on making more videos and planning the class routine and activities. I have that book too.
    Good Luck.

  2. Penny July 30, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    Classroom setup? Put all the desks and chairs to one side. Give the kids graph paper and measuring tapes (or use floorplanner.com). They need to design the classroom, to scale, and label it in the target language (including numbers in full). Higher level learners need to give reasons for their design in the TL. Put copies of design on class blog and ppl vote on their fave. That’s the design that’s put into action 🙂

    I see my classes twice per week, and this took us 3 weeks all up – learning numbers no vocab for classroom objects and putting it all together.

  3. Heather Witten July 30, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    Penny, Sounds like you have some great ideas. I started flipping my Spanish class last year, and I am making quite a few changes for this year.

    I have found that students will group themselves based on where they are with very little trouble. Often, this encourages some students to pick up the pace so that they can be with their friends. Interestingly, even groups of friends will split up if someone is bringing the group down.

    I have never done centers, although I thought about it in the beginning. I give the kids the work for the entire unit at the beginning and let them choose how they work on it. (With benchmark dates along the way to keep them on track.)

    It would be great to work together and discuss how it is going! I am adding your blog to my follow list. Check mine out too…hopefully you will find it useful.

    Spanish Flipped Class

    • senorahildinger July 30, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

      I am hoping that it will work out like that.
      I am thinking that when I say “centers” I really mean an area in the room where similar activities are happening.
      In this case, you do not have a seating chart? I cannot grasp how one would work except for maybe the first few minutes when we are whole group. It seems that students may be in a different spot each day (hypothetically).
      I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks!

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