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Infographics, Graphs & Charts

29 Jun

I like to use charts in the classroom.  Having students gather data in Spanish, use the data to create a chart and then writing sentences to summarize their results covers a big spectrum of activities and skills.

There are also many sites with information stored in charts or infographics.  Great visuals for class!

To start with here is a Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.  It shows you all of the different types of charts possible.

Some other favorites:

Create Charts Online (or have students make them…):

Google Charts Tool: Awesome & simple! Get a link or embed code

Create a Graph: Easy to use from Kids Zone

Crappy Graphs: Funny stuff here & easy graph maker


Charts Online for Research/Information:

Charts Bin:  Many categories, information is shared as charts or maps.


Infographics:  Infographics sorted by subject

Larry Ferlazzo’s Infographics List

7 Tools for Creating Data Visualizations: by Free Tech 4 Teachers

Tips, Tricks and Resources to make your own Infographics


As always, let me know if you have other ideas and resources!

¡Gracias!  Penny


Prezi zooms past 10 Million, releases PowerPoint Import | Prezi

28 Jun

Prezi zooms past 10 Million, releases PowerPoint Import | Prezi.


Upload your Power Points into Prezi

twitter-handbook-for-teachers.pdf (application/pdf Object)

28 Jun

twitter-handbook-for-teachers.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Simple to read, great resource!

Legends and FolkTales

28 Jun

Legends and FolkTales.

From Around the world!

More Spanish: Five for Friday: 5 Web 2.0 tools to record oral communication

28 Jun

More Spanish: Five for Friday: 5 Web 2.0 tools to record oral communication.


Use for speaking tools

181 Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School

28 Jun

181 Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School [Updated] – Online Colleges.

Lots of Great Stuff!!  Here’s a run-down:

#1-35   Search Tips
#36-47  Education
#48-65  Google Docs
#46-95  Gmail
#96-107  Calendar
#108-120 Google Mobile
#121-154  Google Chrome
#155-165  Google Books
#166-170  Google Voice
#171-181  Google Services and Apps


25 Important Pinterest Tips for Your Career | OEDb

28 Jun

25 Important Pinterest Tips for Your Career | OEDb.

Great ideas for using Pinterest as a portfolio, resume, etc….

May be some work, but quite impressive finished product!

Flipped Classroom links

22 Jun

I have my mind & heart set on using the Flipped Classroom model this coming school year.  With that in mind I am blogging to consolidate and categorize all of the links & resources I have found so far.  I really do appreciate when all of you share what you have with me too!

The idea that the students spend so much more time in the classroom practicing is what is driving me to try this concept.

What I am really lacking so far is deciding where to host the video tutorials and what to include with each video as far as extra practice and links to outside information.

Here is what I have:

Flipped Class Networks:

The Flipped Class Network: Ning, lots of teachers


Presentations by teachers already Flipping:

Crystal Kirch:  Great presentation in Prezi.


Articles concerning Flipped Learning:

The Truth about Flipped Learning from eSchool News

Do Flipped Classrooms get a Pass or Fail? from The Globe and Mail

Flipping My Spanish Classroom:  Things to consider

The Flipped Classroom is Hot Hot Hot! 15 stories Emerging Ed Tech

Flipped Classroom: Response to 5 Common Criticisms: eSchool News

Flipped Classroom: Mentor Mob Playlist

What is the Flipped Classroom: from TechSmith

Answers to Flipped School questions: from CNN


Tools to create or host tutorials:

ShowMe for the iPad

Go Class

Article: 18 free screencasting tools to create video tutorials

MarkUp: Draw on a webpage.  Similar to telestrators on TV.

Three Ring App: Take pictures of student work

Side Vibe


Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas, thoughts and resources with me!



Online comics for WL class

3 Jun

Assigning creation of an online is a great way to assess students understanding of vocabulary and structure.  Get them writing in a fun and imaginative way.  It is something that we do occasionally in the computer lab, but it always an option in their homework Matriz.

Always make sure to offer a checklist or short rubric of what should be included (current vocab, grammar structures, questions…).  Most can be emailed to the teacher or printed out.
I have also taught the students to do a print screen then paste into Paint, crop around the comic and save as a .jpg.  The next step would be to post it on their wiki page.

Here are my favorites.  Let me know if you know of others:

Make Beliefs Comix: My favorite.  Can print or email.  Scroll to the bottom for lots of resources and free printables!

Marvel Create Your Own ComicSave as pdf file or print

Strip generator: finished comic can be emailed or printed

Comic Master:  Graphic Novel creator.  Registration required.

Domo Animate: animated comic generator

Here are also some comics in Spanish that you can use for reading and vocabulary practice:

Tiras Cómicas: from Zachary Jones

Gaturro: Comic strips from Argentina

Happy comic making!



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