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Visuals and Clip art for World Language Class

27 May

I just found this great site for World Language Class visuals, so I thought I would include it in a post for those of us still making our own worksheets or web pages.

The newest resource I have is Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction.  It has incredible images and scenes that can be used in World Language classes.  I am using it now to put together a Power Point where students will tell me if the scene would use a reflexive or non-reflexive verb.

I also found this great Picasa collection by Maestra AyL.  I foudn both of these resources on this great sqworl page.

Here are the rest of my Clip Art/images favorites:

WP Clip Art: LOVE this one

Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse

World Images

Clipart form PPPST

Coloring Hut: Directory of free coloring pages

FL Clipart

UVic’s Language Teaching Clip Art: Transparent or white backgrounds

Canadian Theme Clip art: For my French teaching friends…

Picto: Site in French, but still usable to non-French speakers


Copyright Free Photos: Arranged by topic

Multicolr Search Lab:  Search by color.  Fun!

Cheez Burger LOL Builder

Happy creating!  Make sure to share your own favorites!




Websites with info about Hispanics and their culture

23 May

These are my favorite sites regarding Hispanics.  I am sharing because I know there must be a whole lot more out there.  Share what you have….

Infoplease: Hispanic American Biographies

Hispanos famosos

Six Hispanic Literary Giants

Hispanics in America: An inforgraphic

Explore Hispanic Culture

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Culture Online

Art, Culture, Music, History:  Scroll down to see “by Country”

Hispanic Culture Movies: from Screen Junkies, nice summaries

10 Myths about Immigration

Música Del Pueblo

Gracias, Penny

World Language Rationale

21 May

World Language teachers definitely know the importance and value of learning another language.  Sometimes our love of the subject is not enough to express that importance to others.  Here are some of my favorite resources to help talk to administrators, community members, parents and students.  At the bottom I linked my favorite You Tube videos that are high interest to students.  

Routes Into Languages

700 Reasons for Studying Languages

Why Study Languages: E.L. Easton

St. Johns: Why Learn a Foreign Language

Why, How and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language Brochure

Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities Brochure

Working Together to Build a Multilingual Society Brochure

Language Study in the Age of Globalization Brochure

About World Languages

10 proven Brain Benefits of Being Bilingual

Room for Debate: The World Has Changed

Larry Ferlazzo’s compilation of resources


You Tube Videos:  Why Learn a Language.  These are very short and good when there are a few minutes left in class.  Berlitz has many great videos.  Be sure to preview them first, some are inappropriate (not these ones):

Learn Another Language (goldfish)

Learning English (German Coast Guard)

Bilingual Cat

He Needs Agua

Berlitz Ad – Toupee

Do You Speak English  I tell students this is how you may be treated if you don’t try to speak even a little of the native language.

I am sure there is a lot more out there.  Share what great resources you have.

Gracias, Penny


Online Spanish Verb Resources

8 May

I use online resources frequently.

I do tell the students not to use online translators, but I tell them that there is a difference between using translators for full sentences and paragraphs and using a translator or dictionary site to find a word or conjugation.

Here are some of my favorite online resources for Spanish verbs:

Language Guide: Clearly see conjugations and LISTEN to the correct pronunciation.

Spanish Verb Forms:  My favorite list of verbs & conjugations

Spanish Verb Conjugations:  Nicely arranged

Reflexive Verbs: Nice long list

Learn Spanish Today:  Conjugations plus list of verbs


Let me know what your favorite verb resources are !

Thanks, Penny



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