One day in the computer lab

9 Feb

I shared with participants in my presentation at the “World Language Mini Conference” at SVSU some of the sites I like to use when we are in the lab for a day.

Here is what I came up with, I know there are a lot more out there:

This is a site that I built a couple of summers ago for the Bay Arenac ISD WL teachers.  I keep it updated when I find new things.

With PhotoPeach students can create a rich slideshow in seconds. They add in background music, captions, and comments easily.   This is one of those sites where I have a log in and share it with them.  I use a common password, one I do not use outside of class.  Since they all log in with my user name and password, all of their shows are on my page for me to check out quickly.

This site is great for editing and commenting on videos.  I have heard some teachers say they upload videos for the students to dub in their target language, I have to try that…  It can be a great collaboration tool.

This is great to take polls or practice simple structures.  You can ask “What are you going to do this weekend?” and have the students answer in the target language on a sticky note.  Here is an example.

Students upload an image and make it speak.  Be sure to show an example before going to the lab.  It is also helpful for the students to write their script ahead of time.

Students create nice comics easily on any topic.  They have to print them out or I have them do a screenshot, paste it into Paint, crop, save as a jpg then put it on their wiki page.

Create and subtitle a movie.  Drag scenes into the queue, then type away! Students will need to email it to you.

Lots of fun stuff.  I like the trading card maker and the badge maker.

These are some of my favorites for students to create something.  We also do a lot of collaboration work in the lab, which will be the topic for another day.

Gracias, Penny


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